clothes horse

UK / US noun [countable]
Word forms "clothes horse":
singular clothes horse plural clothes horses
1) a frame of plastic or wooden bars used for hanging wet clothes inside the house
2) informal someone who wears very fashionable clothes and looks good in them

English dictionary. 2014.

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  • clothes horse — also clothes horse, upright wooden frame for hanging clothes to dry, 1788, from CLOTHES (Cf. clothes) + HORSE (Cf. horse). Figurative sense of person whose sole function seems to be to show off clothes is 1850 …   Etymology dictionary

  • clothes horse — clothes horses 1) N COUNT A clothes horse is a folding frame used inside someone s house to hang washing on while it dries. 2) N COUNT (disapproval) If you describe someone, especially a woman, as a clothes horse, you mean that they are… …   English dictionary

  • clothes horse — n 1.) BrE a frame that you hang clothes on to dry indoors 2.) AmE informal a woman who is very interested in clothes and who likes to have many different clothes used to show disapproval …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • clothes|horse — «KLOHZ HRS, KLOHTHZ », noun. 1. a frame to hang clothes on to dry or air them. 2. a) U.S. Slang, Figurative. a person who places great value on being well dressed, especially one who slavishly follows the latest styles and fashions: »Beau… …   Useful english dictionary

  • clothes horse — ► NOUN ▪ a frame on which washed clothes are hung to dry …   English terms dictionary

  • clothes-horse — clothesˈ horse noun 1. A frame for hanging laundry on to air or to dry 2. A person, usu a woman, whose value is primarily perceived as a model for fashionable clothes (informal) • • • Main Entry: ↑clothe …   Useful english dictionary

  • clothes horse — n. metal or wooden rack used for drying or hanging clothes; (Slang) person whose main interest is clothes dressing fashionably …   English contemporary dictionary

  • clothes horse — /ˈkloʊðz hɔs/ (say klohdhz haws) noun 1. a frame on which to hang clothes, etc., especially for drying. 2. Colloquial a person who pays particular attention to dress and who wears clothes well, especially a model or mannequin …   Australian English dictionary

  • clothes horse — n Someone obsessed with clothing. Maureen is a clothes horsewho spends most of her life shopping. 1850s …   Historical dictionary of American slang

  • clothes horse — noun 1》 a frame on which washed laundry is hung to dry. 2》 informal a person who models or is over concerned with wearing fashionable clothes …   English new terms dictionary

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